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We all have a story
A history of where we've been, a tale about where we are and a vision of where we are going. Visual communication is a modern marketing tool that allows you to tell your story through stylish composition, explosive colors and graphic elements. If you need a seasoned storyteller with a panache for keen copy, humorous illustrations and innovative web design - I want to hear from you!


From MOnTaNA

From Montana: A Coming of Middle Age Story is a humorous, brutally honest autobiographical account of Garth Gerhart, a 40-something, rule-abiding family man, who finds himself struggling with a past he can’t face, a present he can’t stand and a future he can’t imagine.

When his estranged father dies, Garth's battle with regret, fear and anger take him down a dark path as he reluctantly returns to Montana to lay his father, and his past, to rest.

Along his journey, Garth discovers truths he’d never known and a family he’d never met. As he gets further from the safe harbor of his former life, he must venture to unexplored places within himself to find his way home.

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Yes, My name REALLY is Garth Gerhart...

I am a professional graphic/web designer with an alias-sounding, alter-ego superhero name. I can't see through walls, but I do over 20 years of experience that brings my client's vision in to a viable and marketable product. Or, in layman's terms - I make them look super.

I am also a seasoned illustrator, who is most notably known for my decade's work in the pages of Mad Magazine with my original comic, "Bitterman".

Lately, I have been more into dissecting what it means to be creative through the sharing of the human experience with thoughtful and poignant analysis. In layman's terms - I am trying to be a writer.

My wOrk

From unique, personal custom illustrations to large corporate trade shows, My work expands through various mediums and defines identities with consistent branding and ecclectic appeal.

My ThouGHTs

CAUTION: Read At Your Own Risk. Random thoughts, bad poetry and tales from my life all congregate here. Join me as we dive into tales of lost causes, new loves and lessons learned in my professional and personal life.

Chapter one...
Weekly Poetry
Weekly Poetry
The Designer/Client relationship is special and, like any relationship, there are ups and downs. Here are 5 things to avoid saying to your designer to ensure a "Happy Ever After."
Today I discuss the different types of clients and how you, as fellow designers, can use some humor in identifying who's on your side, who's on your back and who's on the fence.
Travel back with me to my first job and learn how a diabolical pair became a lesson in job satisfaction and the joys of telling a good story.

LEt's ChaT!

C'mon, I work alone in a dark basement with minimum to no interaction! Drop me a line and let's get to know each other. Got a complaint? I take those, too!

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