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Businesses from big to small rely on creative assets to expand their presence and ensure their brand stays current and consistent. From unique logos to responsive websites, your business needs a professional designer to keep you on the right path and advise you on how to move forward. When you're ready, strap on your shoes and let's go the extra mile.


BUsiness as (un)usual.

Like any good relationship, it takes two people to compromise, adapt and communicate to move forward and be successful.Getting to know you and your business is critical to understanding your market and your clients.

Meeting over a cup of coffee, sketching out concepts on a cocktail napkin and listening to your ideas is more important and productive than face-less phone calls and endless emails.

After all, shouldn't interactive design be interactive ?

Inktober 2020

It's Back! Inktober 202 is here again and I attempt to meet the challenge everyday, for the next 31 days, with tenacious passion and a warped style. The prompts are set and I and ready to go! Please visit my page to see all of this years entries.


Late nights and early mornings are not uncommon for designers. Inspiration can strike at any minute and thanks to laptops, cloud servers and a whole lot of coffee I manage to work wherever and whenever I need to. You work hard to keep your business growing. Your design agency needs to keep up.

Brand New

Aspis Investments needed a strong  brand that could bring together classic spartan style and modern-day boldness. Hense, THIS...IS...ASPIS!


Music land Website

When Music Land trusted me to rebrand their store (and legacy), I was thrilled. When I was given the opportunity to totally revamp their web site, I was over the moon with excitement. Consistently from the logo to the footer on a web page is a great test to any designer.



It's that time of year again when corporations roll out their end-of-year annual reports. Thanks to Ciena, 2018 was "looking good" with a new creative direction and 2019 is going to be even better!


"Garth had the ability tooutside of the box and design creative campaigns that really captivated our target audience."

Gregg Lamph

"I contacted Garth to retain his services to help me create a logo for my law practice. I was extremely happy with the outcome, and I'm pleased to still get compliments on Garth's design to this day."

Jared Silberzahn, Esq.

"We are beyond thrilled with the outcome of Garth's services. He is a true artist and a down-to-earth gentleman. It is uplifting to know that people like this still exist to support the success of small businesses."

"Garth's contributions to MAD have helped define the magazine for a new generation."

Tom Richmond

"Garth had the ability to think outside of the box and design creative campaigns that really captivated our target audience. Some of our most successful tradeshows and advertisements were a direct result of his talent."

Trisha Paine
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