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Yes, Garth Gerhart is my real name....

Unlike Peter Parker or Clark Kent, I have no real superpowers.

I am a 40-something ex-military turned Harford County Suburbanite that somehow found the cure for ADHD and insomnia as a family man and graphic designer.

I love daring designs, unusual art and making people laugh. My perverse sense of humor, observational wit and illustration skills even landed me a spot in Mad Magazine, where after 12 years I've embraced my title as one of the UGOI (Usual Gang of Idiots).

On the serious side, I am fascinated by the visually-saturated world and love to explore how my client's vision and message can engage, educate and entertain through all of the white noise.

So, if you're in the need of stopping a speeding train or leaping a tall building, I'm probably not your guy. But, if you want a dedicated, professional designer/illustrator to help you get your business off the ground - let's chat!

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